About Therapy

My style of working is called integrative and pluralistc which means that I draw on many different psychological theories. The advantage of this is that I can create a tailored and bespoke therapy programme for you according to your unique needs.


The foundation of my work is humanistic as I believe that given the conditions of non-judgement, empathy and acceptance every person can thrive. I focus on creating a safe and trustworthy space so you feel secure enough to progress with healing.

 I draw on resources and techniques from various approaches including person-centered, psychodynamic, cognitive  behavioral therapy, compassion-focus therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy among others. I often incorporate guided meditations and other creative processes. I work with clients in a collaborative way so we regularly review together how the therapy is progressing. ​

 I am passionate about supporting individuals to find  balance in their lives, optimise their self development, increase sense of meaningfulness  and experience more peace and joy.


My working life in the last 25 years has been dedicated to helping people reach their well-being potential. Over this time I have provided either nutritional, counselling  or acupuncture services so my approach is holistic whereby I view the person in terms of their whole being - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.  I believe that these aspects of the self are not separate but integrated and strongly connected.


Psychological therapy for adults (18 years plus)

Grief, bereavement and loss

Anxiety (social, health, general, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, trauma)

Depression and low mood

Low self-confidence and self worth


Relational difficulties

Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

Exploration of early life experiences 

Lack of clarity and understanding of self

Emotional regulation


Navigating life changes

Personal development

Exploration of your meaning of life

Traumatic life experiences

Medically unexplained symptoms


I specialise in grief/loss; social anxiety; self-awareness and self-compassion.

This is not a comprehensive list and if you are unsure whether I can help you please feel free to message me.

Currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic I am unable to provide in-person consultations until further notice but do have availability for online video and telephone Counselling Psychology. 
These ways of communicating are a surprisingly effective way to receive therapy and have many advantages. For example there are no geographical limitations, you will save time with no travel and you can be in the comfort of your own home, work place or anywhere that is convenient to you.  Research shows they are as helpful as in-person and I am certainly finding this with my clients. Online and telephone counselling has become increasingly popular over the recent years.
If you would like help setting up online video I am happy to do this before your first session by telephone. You will need internet access and a space where you will have privacy. I use Zoom for therapy sessions as it is a secure platform. It is easy to install and use and I will guide you through this process if necessary.

"Ros is an exceptional practitioner and extremely knowledgeable.  It's unusual to find someone who can treat you in such a holistic way.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ros who is very professional and at the same time caring too."



"Dear Ros, thank you so much for helping me find my wings and to ground my feet. I've become the person I always wanted to be and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for my safe space and for the tools I need to stay happy, calm and authentic. I will never forget your kindness!" 


Please note that the fees include activities outside of the therapy session such as session preparation, note taking, and associated administration.


Initial Assessment Consultation  (one and a half hour)   £115

Counselling Psychology Sessions  (50 minutes)   £85  

Sessions are payable prior to the meetings.  This can be done via bank transfer (preferable) or cheque or cash if more suitable for you. Monthly payments can also be arranged in advance. 

Health Insurance

I am registered with a number of private health insurance companies.

Indirectly funded 

If your fees are being paid by somebody else (e.g. insurance company, rehabilitation agency, employer, solicitor, family), written confirmation that they will be responsible for all of the fees will be required. They will usually then be invoiced directly.


On our first session we will discuss confidentiality and data protection. A detailed explanation of this can be seen here



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