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Issues Addressed

Psychological therapy for adults (18 years plus)

I am experienced in working with psychological issues ranging from mild-moderate through to severe and longstanding. I have supported individuals with wide ranging psychological difficulties whilst working in a variety of settings including NHS Community Mental Health, NHS Primary care, charities (CRUSE Bereavement , Dorset Rape Crisis), Student Well-being (Winchester University), Primary School (Coopers Lane), and private practice (Christchurch Natural Health, Dr Rosalind Vesey Psychology Services).



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I list below some of the difficulties I work with and you are welcome to contact me to discuss your specific needs if they are not covered below

Grief, bereavement and loss

Anxiety (social, health, general, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, trauma)

Excessive worry and preoccupation with the future

Depression and low mood

Low self-confidence and self worth


Relational difficulties

Impact of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

Early life experiences 

Lack of clarity and understanding of self

Emotional regulation


Navigating life changes (e.g, divorce, retirement, new baby, relocating, illness)

Personal development

Understanding the meaning of your life

Traumatic life experiences

Relationship with food

Living with medically unexplained symptoms

Physical symptoms relating to psychological distress (for example IBS and other digestive disorders, headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, pain, chronic fatigue, tight chest, palpitations etc and many others)

This is not a comprehensive list and if you are unsure whether I can help you please feel free to message me.


I am unable to offer support if you are in acute crisis and require safety from harm so in this case you may need to get NHS team management via your GP or A&E.

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